Wollongong’s First Months

Wollongong’s First Months

With the end of 2016 and the start of a new year, it’s hard to believe Stroud Homes Wollongong only opened their doors in September.

Wildflower 256 plus Granny Flat Federation Façade

“So far the enquiries have far exceeded my expectations… I’m only hearing good feedback about the plans, the façade options and Stroud inclusions – 2016 was only 3 months for me, but it was very positive”, Travis says.

He’s enjoyed being part of the process of building family homes, and found it interesting how different home designs trend based on the local area.

“A lot of our areas are mainly residential, so in those areas the Bronte design, the Avoca series, Wildflower series and probably the Savannah have been the main ones.”

Obviously the acreage designs do a lot better in more rural areas out of town.

Kentucky 348 Mountain Façade

“Up in the Jamberoo kind of regions, most of the designs would be the Kentuckys, the Hudsons and the Montegos.”

While the designs have been incredibly popular, it has been Stroud’s full packaged price that really impresses the people he’s spoken to.

“I’d say the thing that stands out for most people is we encompass the whole build, particularly where others will leave bits and pieces out. That, and the fact that our general inclusions don’t require upgrading to have something nice.”

With eyes set to the year ahead, Travis is getting ready to grow the business in 2017, building more houses and making sure he’s still delivering the high quality he’s become known for.

If you’re looking to build a new home in the Wollongong area this year, drop into the display centre to talk to Travis today.