A Year In Review For Maroochydore

A Year In Review For Maroochydore

Builder Daniel ChapmanWe asked Daniel Chapman to look back on 2017 and fill us in on what the team at Stroud Homes Maroochydore had been up to.

Daniel said that the year had been, “Fantastic, invigorating and gratifying” which is evident by all of the success the team had throughout the year.

What was the highlight for Stroud Homes Maroochydore in 2017?


One of my main driving forces in life is to increase the happiness of those around me. I have often said that our business focus is not on building houses for families on the Sunshine Coast but making families of the Sunshine Coast happy by building them a home.

This year has seen our largest ever contribution to not only the Sunshine Coast community but to foundations across the country. In particular we were most proud of the tree planting day that we did at Point Cartwright beach.

At Stroud Homes we pledge to plant fifteen trees for every home that we build and this year saw us needing to plant over 350 trees. It was a huge team effort which brought together our trades, suppliers and all of our staff who rolled up their sleeves and planted all the trees in a Turtle hatchery habitat.

The Turtle hatchery on the beach was under threat and desperately needed our assistance and it was an amazing experience to see the community come together to ensure that future generations will still be able to see the amazing wild life and eco systems that the Sunshine Coast has to offer.

You can read about us in the local papers:  Sunshine Coast Council and Press Reader – Maroochydore Weekly.

Sunshine Coast Council Tree Planting
Division 4 Councillor John Connolly with Daniel Chapman 


It was great to see this year that word was starting to spread about our quality not just in the construction of the home but the service that we deliver to everyone that we build for. As such we saw some fantastic growth in the amount of homes that we built compared to 2016.

To ensure that we maintain our high quality of both construction and service we have started to create focused expert teams in different areas of the Sunshine Coast. The three areas chosen are Noosa, Maroochydore and Caloundra.

These areas have been chosen because of the shear size of the Sunshine Coast and we know as locals that each of these areas do have their own unique qualities that deserve a team that knows and loves them like the back of their hand.

New Display Home:

The start of the partitioning began when we opened our newest display home in Australia’s biggest urban development which is Stocklands Aura on the Sunshine Coast.

The display home is a new design called the Alfred and is arguably the best small lot design ever created for the Sunshine Coast. We have already had a large amount of interest and have built many of them with rave reviews from the people living in them.

Alfred 190 Sunshine Coast Display Home
Bells Creek Display Home – Alfred 190 Skillion Façade

Did you notice any building trends in Maroochydore in 2017?

Yes, induction is dead! Induction cooktops were all raved about for how good they were to cook with and we had a huge amount of requests for them in 2016 and the start of 2017.

Now that a fair few people have had them installed and started using them they have learnt that induction was a fantastic marketing ploy and that they are actually not very good and way over-priced. This has led to a resurgence back to gas cook tops which are still the best way to cook.

What was the most popular home design for Stroud Homes Maroochydore?

The most popular home design for us in 2017 was the Alfred 190 which is our display home in Caloundra. It has been super popular because it has used very clever design to ensure that it not only makes best use of small blocks of land but also incorporates luxuries which are usually only found in much larger homes.

The design has ensured that only a very limited amount of hallway was used which means that there is very limited dead space.

The main entry sports a large 1200mm front door and the entry opens up into a massive open plan living area where the kitchen flows out onto the dinning, living and then alfresco which unlike most small lot designs is massive.

Both the bathrooms have larger then standard showers and the ensuite even has a double vanity.

Alfred 190 Floor Plan

What is your favourite feature of the Alfred?

My favorite feature of the design is the size and openness of the kitchen which normally is sacrificed in a smaller home. It even has a full glass door off the kitchen which leads straight out to a hanging herb garden which is perfect for cooking which I love to do.

Alfred 190 Sunshine Coast Display open plan living and kitchen

Did you have any notable reactions from happy customers you’d like to share?

Just before Christmas we completed a custom home at Palmview for Donna & Peter. The block was a tricky block to start with, however it had massive potential if the right design could be utilised to encapsulate not only the views of the glass house mountains to the west but also their own private rainforest and stream to the north.

With a massive raking ceiling that leads to a huge timber deck on the north western side this goal was brought to light and the incredible amount of praise and even gifts to us from the owners upon completion was very touching and made this one incredible home to build.

What was the biggest problem you solved for a customer?

A client of ours was having a huge issue with their bank because the bank said that they did not want to give them finance because they were about to have a baby.

We contacted one of our bank managers that we knew was understanding of real life issues and we not only were able to organise the finance for them but were able to organise them a better rate.

What are your goals for 2018?

The goal for 2018 is to successfully and smoothly set up all three of the specialised teams in Noosa, Maroochydore and Caloundra.

The ambition is that by the start of the year these three teams are offering a quality of builder that the Sunshine Coast has never experienced before.

Daniel and the team would love to talk to you about building your new home, give them a call on 07 5444 2521 or on 0402 864 305.