Your Local Port Macquarie Builder – One Month In

Your Local Port Macquarie Builder – One Month In

Stroud Homes Port MacquarieMr & Mrs Freeman - Port Macquarie builders has been open for just over a month now, so we caught up with Joel Freeman to see how things are going. Although the Port Macquarie franchise is new, Joel has been living and building in the area of over ten years, and understands the local building trends.

“There’s been an explosion of land releases in the area. Renovations haven’t really been strong; it’s mostly been about new homes in our area”, Joel says.

“It’s different to a town like Newcastle that’s got lots of really old homes with lots of character, so renovating is a popular option. Port Macquarie just doesn’t have houses that old yet, the old houses we do have are often fibro shacks.”

This new home culture means the months ahead are looking pretty busy for the Stroud team, and Joel’s been talking to a lot of local home buyers at different ends of the spectrum.

“It’s really interesting actually – we have first time, entry level sort of young couples just wanting to get into their first home and out of the rental market. Then we have retirees, which our area is quite popular with… Then there’s the family with teenage kids that want to up-size their home.”

Luckily, there’s a great mix of land offerings in Port Macquarie, with something to suit all of these new home requirements. Whether you want something in town, urban, rural residential lots, or even 5 acre lots just outside of town, there’s always something popping up.

“You’ve got Ascot Park, which is a really nice, leafy estate ten minutes from the CBD. It’s going to be surrounded by golf courses and the grand master plan for that area is quite extensive.

“We’ve got Stirling Green, which is part of the Sovereign Hills development about 15 minutes from the CBD. The blocks of land are a little bit cheaper out there, a little bit flatter and a lot more of them. There’s going to be around 2,500 blocks in that development, on top of the 4-500 already released.

“You’ve got Seawide Estate right on the beach at a little town called Lake Cattie. Next door there’s Catarina Estate, due to open next year. You’ve got Crestwood Heights which is right in town towards Lighthouse Beach.

Ridgeview Estate Wauchope

“Then you’ve got your rural locations; there’s Ridge View Estate, there’s King Creek itself, Glenview Park Estate… there’s quite a lot.”

With no shortage of land to choose from, Joel stresses the importance of finding the right block for what you want.

“I wouldn’t just jump on the first block that becomes available – take your time and pick a good block. Having a block that affords the house the correct aspects to make it as good as it can be is important.”

Display Centre KitchenHe also advises first home buyers to do what they can to avoid unexpected surprises.

“Find a builder that offers a turn key price that includes everything. You don’t want to all of a sudden need to find 15 grand for a driveway… you need to be able to go back to the bank with a price for a finished product.”

That’s just one of the many great features that Stroud Homes offers. Our prices are for a finished home, built on time, with high quality standard inclusions.

If you’re looking to buy a new home in Port Macquarie or the surrounding area, talk to Joel Freeman and the team at Stroud Homes Port Macquarie.